The history of our Airbrush business Airbrushed favors

Ernesto Canas

It all started at Six Flags Magic Mountain working for a small airbrush business named Fresh Air shirts in the 90s. The owner of this company was generous enough to teach us the craft and art of the all mighty airbrush. From there we started to branch out into other areas of the craft . Including Automotive custom airbrush, private parties, murals, bodyart, fine art,and many other unique applications of our art form.

We have worked for some of the premier companies in the airbrush industry including:

Fresh air shirts

Fasteam banners

Banners USA

Rebel Sports FX

AM Style

Mr. Hoodbrush

Airbrush Hut

SFV Airbrush

Parties By Curtis

Radikal Works

Venice Airbrush

And many others.

We hope to keep growing our company while keeping the level of quality work we are known for. We hope our new website is an improvement on our previous one . Please check back often for regular content updates.